Thursday, January 1, 2009

~Happy New Year 2009~ myspace graphic comments


Life is SHORT, go and get ur DREAMS..
say SORRY when u still have a chance..
Never forget to say THANK YOU..
LOVE truly..
LAUGH uncontrollably..
Never REGRET anything that made u smile..
Be NICE to people that u LOVE & who does not want to LOSE u..

'Tuluslah dengan Tuhan, teluslah sesama insan'
i luv 2b loved by u!!


eleza737 said...

epi epi epi new year yoyo tak poyo..

visit my blog eh.. got samting 4 u.. hihihi

aizatbest said...

epi new year kak yo ku syg;)

YoYo said...

thanks laLinggg n adik Jatt.. ;P

Lily.Lulu said...

happy new yoyo !!!

YoYo said...

same to u Lily..
nice knowing u!!