Monday, February 9, 2009


Dear ALLAH..
The lady reading this is tough, classy, strong..
Help her live her life 2 the fullest..
Please promote her n cause her 2 excel above her expectations..
Help her shine in d darkest places where it's impossible to love..
Protect her at all times,
lift her up when she needs YOU the most
& let her know when she walks with YOU,
she will always b safe..

i received this luvly n sweet thought from my gurlfren (u know who u r..) touching kan?? thanks for the doa buddy.. i'm so honoured & grateful 2 have u as fren in life.. it's make my day!!

to all my gurlfrens yg bace blog nie n akan bace this n3, this is 4 u jugek!! lelaki pon boleh, just 2ka la word 'lady' kat atas tue ea?? hehehe.. insyaAllah my doa tetap ade 4 u all..

~Tuluslah dengan Tuhan, Teluslah sesama Insan~
i luv 2B loved by u!!


hezesuze said...

alwayz doakan kwn2 moge2 cpt dpt jodoh...hehehe larikkkkk

aizatbest said...

sweet btol doa ni ye cik yo..
org tolong amik-kan je ek.. Amin amin, ya rabbal allamin..;)

YoYo said...

eee.. bosan la asyik2 bende same.. sometimes lawak tapi da kerap sangat.. ntah la!! erm..

Jatt - thanks Bro!!

aizatbest said...

ape yg bosannye??