Monday, April 6, 2009


Kiko Macheda

Born: Rome, 22 August 1991
Age: 17

Position: Striker
Strengths: I think I have good technique, I’m strong and I’m a good finisher.
Ways I can improve: Everything. I must improve every part of my game, especially my heading! I try to improve on it in training. After we’ve finished the group session I’ll try and work on that part of my game.
A player at United I admire: Rooney and Tevez. They work so hard on the pitch and they are excellent finishers. They’re among the best strikers in the world and I think I can learn a lot from the way they play, while Dimitar Berbatov is a different forward altogether. At United you learn from the best.

~U.N.I.T.E.D we Stand~


rizz said...

hsemm gak kiko nih hahahh

YoYo said...

ade iras Lampard Chelski Rizz.. tapi lagi ensem lar.. huhuhu..

hezesuze said...

aik! laki2 pon ade name camginih ke KIKO..sib baik x KOKO...wakwakwakwak

ermmm...ratu bola da mai dahhhhh..

adam06 said...

peace Yoyo! ratu bola...makan bola, tdo bola akkekee ..apa kbr yoyo? harap sihat salu..chayoo!


YoYo said...

Zie - aku memang ratu.. hahaha.. dia tu tokei jename Kiko gak kot?! hehehe..

Yanti - segalenyer bola!! bola bola apiii.. kabo baek sihat2 jer.. lame ilang?!

piiwaii said...

last sunday was fantastic, mr Loba2 goal from him... harap Mr ALEX bagi more peluang utk dia...

MU we stand... hahaha